Back pain at the office

Back pain at the office

Back pain occurs after too many hours in the chair and can lead to more serious conditions. A few tips and guidelines can help you reduce the risks of back pain at the office and treat the pain that happens during office hours.

When you sit for too many hours in front of the computer, you need to get up from time to time, no matter how correct your position is. Experts recommend that you move for at least 2-3 minutes every half hour.



  1. Factors that affect your back area
  2. Adjusting the seat to avoid back pain
  3. Tips to not hurt your back when you have something to lift
  4. Short and frequent breaks
  5. Treating back pain


Factors that affect your back area

When you sit at the office, there are several factors that affect your back area:

  • Posture on the chair
  • Computer screen position
  • Seat height
  • Keyboard position
  • Mouse position
  • Positioning the equipment on the desk


Adjusting the seat to avoid back pain

The height of the seat should be adjustable, as should that of the backrest. Ideally, the backrest should be able to be moved independently of the rest of the seat, to allow for a more comfortable position.

When sitting, your thighs should form a right or slightly bent angle to your body.

If the chair is placed correctly, the soles should sit well on the floor, but you can also use a footrest, if that makes you feel more comfortable.

The basic rule is that the soles need to be well supported on the floor, so as to support your back.


Tips to not hurt your back when you have something to lift

One of the most common causes of back pain, especially at work, is lifting or mishandling objects. Learn and use the correct methods to lift and handle other objects to prevent back pain.

Some tips to not hurt your back when you have something to lift:

  • Adopt a stable position
  • Keep your weight close to your waist
  • Keep your back as straight as possible
  • Avoid twists or side bends
  • Avoid too much weight
  • Heavy objects are pushed, not pulled
  • Distribute the weight evenly
  • You need regular breaks


Short and frequent breaks

You need to get up when you have been sitting in a chair for too long. Short and frequent breaks are more efficient and beneficial for the back than longer ones.

These give the tense muscles a chance to relax, while the effort is taken up by other muscles. It is a good way to prevent back strain and stiffness.


Treating back pain

In general, the best pain treatment involves a degree of activity and, if necessary, analgesics.

Although you will feel the need to stay in bed longer, this will not help you and may even make the situation worse. The more you immobilize your body, the weaker your muscles will become and the harder they will hurt in the long run.

If the back pain becomes more and more intense, it is recommended to consult a specialist doctor and he will prescribe the necessary therapeutic conduct, and in some situations will recommend certain imaging investigations to correctly identify the medical problem.

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