Balneotherapy for herniated disc

Balneotherapy for herniated disc

Balneotherapy is a branch of physiotherapy, a non-invasive procedure that relieves pain and relaxes the muscles in the affected area. It uses various types of baths to produce these effects.

It is a complex method of treatment that uses baths to relieve or treat diseases of an organ, system, body part or the whole body. The main categories of baths with therapeutic effect are:

  • Baths with medicinal content – in the bath water are introduced drugs, other substances that can treat diseases such as hyperkeratosis (baths with emollient effect), pruritus, dermatoses, skin infections (water contains antiseptic substances);
  • Thermal baths – it is used due to the complex mineral content and other substances (carbon dioxide), the water being of natural origin, from mineral springs;
  • Mud baths – thermal water mixed with mud, used to treat rheumatic diseases, gynecological diseases, sedation of the nervous system, muscular and skeletal disorders, softening and rejuvenating effect on the skin.



  1. What is a herniated disc?
  2. Natural treatment for herniated disc


What is a herniated disc?

Due to body wear, medical problems are quite difficult to avoid over time. Rheumatism, vision loss, endocrine diseases and many more serious ones are intensifying and starting to give us headaches. The same thing happens with a herniated disc.

Are you over 30, sedentary, smoking or obese? Do you have a job that requires lifting weights, sustaining effort for a long time, and then spend a lot of time at rest?

These are the main causes of a herniated disc. As much as it is possible to develop this disease, having all the problems and unhealthy habits listed, it is equally possible not to have it. However, it is better to prevent than to fight. But if the disease has already started in your life with its annoying pain, it would be good to take action as soon as possible.

Disc herniation is a condition of some components of the spine, namely the intervertebral discs. They are made up of a hard part, the outer part and a soft part inside. They cushion the 34 vertebrae of the spine, withstanding the shocks suffered during running, twisting or lifting weights.

Repeatedly, these actions can cause the inner portion of the disc to move outward, resulting in its herniation. Often, it compresses one of the nerves of the spine and thus pain and numbness occur within the range of the affected nerve.

The disc herniation can be lumbar or cervical, depending on the area where the disc herniation occurs. The most common is the lumbar, below the spine, which is manifested by pain in the buttocks and thighs, which can go down to the knees. Cervical pain in the neck and upper limbs.


Natural treatment for herniated disc

Although it has several stages of development, the herniated disc is good to be treated early. If you have not reached the advanced stage of the disease, in which the pain is unbearable and constant, you can resort to treatment. Only 10% of cases really require surgery, the rest can be treated just as well by other non-invasive methods. One such method is spa treatment.

Balneotherapy is made in special spaces for relaxation and recovery. They are the treatments that nature has provided us since the world and the earth. The treatment bases in such resorts offer specialized procedures in the treatment of diseases. For disc herniation, the most recommended treatments are those with balneotherapy.

They may be medicinal baths, but they are little to no use in the treatment of herniated discs; or thermal baths, with a high content of minerals and other beneficial substances. The most effective baths for this disease are mud baths. These consist of mixing thermal water with mud that differs depending on the resort.

Mud baths are recommended for people with rheumatic, gynecological, bone or muscle problems, including a herniated disc.

Often, balneotherapy can be alternated with physical therapy and the administration of analgesics, along with a lot of rest.

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