How to prevent spinal deformities

How to prevent spinal deformities

In order to prevent spinal deformities, correct the vicious position of the body, and ensure the health of the back, the specialists recommend gymnastics programs meant to ensure an impeccable posture. It starts with the preparation of muscle tone and the maintenance of joint mobility.

This is based primarily on awareness of our position in the context of daily activities: on the school bench, on the office chair, while driving, when we walk on the street or when we get home.

The training is done through postural recovery and the practice of light maintenance gymnastics programs, performed daily, preferably in the morning and lasting between 15 and 30 minutes. Gymnastic movements or exercises are meant to combat the vicious attitudes that occur, especially in those of us who perform static and sedentary activities.

  •  In the sitting position, the column will be kept straight, possibly supported by the back of the chair;
  •  Do not sit with your torso rotated or tilted, leaning on one elbow. The shoulders should be at the same level;
  • The head rests on the head restraint and is held upright, not projected forward, not rotated or tilted;
  • The legs rest on a stool, the knees being raised at the hips;
  • The arms will be held in a symmetrical position and relaxed on the armrests, at the back or can be crossed on the chest;
  •  When working at the office, the forearms rest on the table at a right angle to the torso, and the chest does not come into contact with the edge of the table;
  • The resting surface must be strong, without allowing the spine to bend during the hours of sleep;
  • You can sleep on the right side, but do not use a large pillow, but a pillow. The upper leg can be slightly bent, avoiding the squatting position;
  • If we have to stand for a long time, we will do lifts on tops and heels, we will perform small steps and short movements, we will not remain motionless in the same place.



  1. Correct office position
  2. How to lift a weight
  3. Correct position when driving
  4. Other tips to prevent spinal deformities


Correct office position

  • The back of the chair should support our lumbar area and be tilted at an angle of 105 ° to the seat;
  • The screen should be at eye level or just below eye level;
  • The distance between the eyes and the computer should be 80 cm;
  • The angle between the thighs and the legs should be between 90 ° -110 °;
  • The soles must rest on the floor, in no case hanging;
  • Computer support should be straight;
  • Forearms parallel to the ground;
  • The shoulders should be relaxed and the elbows close to the body;
  • At most one hour you have to get up and exercise for 5 minutes.


How to lift a weight

  • Think about exactly where you want to carry the weight before lifting it (you need to make it as easy as possible to be able to transport the object safely);
  • Evaluate the weight of the object you need to lift (grab the object by a corner and lift it slightly);
  • Stay as close to the object as possible;
  • Tighten the abdominal muscles;
  • Bend slightly, bending your knees slightly, keep your back as straight as possible, even slightly arched in the lumbar area;
  • Grasp the object below and at the same time straighten both your back and knees;
  • Do not force yourself and do not make sudden movements;
  • Lift the object with a constant motion;
  • Wear non-slip shoes.


Correct position when driving

  • The knees and elbows should be bent at all times;
  • Shifting gears should be done with your palm over the shifter, without changing the angle of your wrist. Any extra effort affects the tendons, and this is dangerous in the long run;
  • Don’t forget to take regular breaks;
  • The angle between the thigh and the torso should be 100 ° –110 °;
  • The back is glued to the back of the chair.


Other tips to prevent spinal deformities

  • Stay active by exercising regularly. They are important for having strong bones and muscles;
  • Do not subject your body to abuse – alcohol and smoking are harmful to your health;
  • Maintain a healthy mood by having a positive mindset for as long as possible;
  • Lose weight (where appropriate);
  • Give up high heels;
  • Avoid jerky, sudden and strong movements;
  • Do not lift more than 2-3 kg;
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to cold or air conditioning.
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