Natural remedies for back pain

Natural remedies for back pain

In order to have a healthy back, in addition to medical gymnastics, you will need to resort to some natural remedies for back pain.

Back pain can occur as a result of excessive exertion, such as lifting or carrying heavy objects, playing a sport, maintaining a wrong posture for a long time, and sudden or forced movements, or sudden changes in temperature.



  1. Therapeutic massage
  2. Calcium-rich foods
  3. Anti-inflammatory juice
  4. Vitamins C, Mg and D
  5. Garlic
  6. Massage with black grass oil
  7. Capsaicin cream
  8. Infusion of lime peel
  9. Infusion of the dried root of the devil’s claw
  10. Poultry with cabbage
  11. Clay Poultice


Therapeutic massage – reaches certain painful points and releases tension in that area. The massage should be combined with specific exercises recommended by a specialist.


Calcium-rich foods (cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, sardines, salmon, almonds, seeds), which help strengthen and protect the spine from osteoporosis.


Anti-inflammatory juice consisting of equal parts of unsweetened bitter cherry juice and grape juice, from which drink 3-6 glasses daily. Pineapple contains some enzymes that are natural anti-inflammatory and get rid of back pain.


Vitamins C, Mg and D. Vitamin C reduces pain and vitamin D reduces muscle cramps (found in improved milk or sun exposure). Magnesium ensures the proper functioning of the muscular system and removes back pain.


Garlic – it is good to eat two cloves daily on an empty stomach. You can also try with eight cloves of garlic dissolved in a little coconut (or sesame) oil heated over low heat, cooled and lightly massaged with that oil obtained in the affected area. Leave for three hours and then take a bath in warm water. If this treatment is followed for 15 days, the pain can disappears.


Massage with black grass oil (soak 100 g of black grass flowers in 500 ml of olive oil for ten days, stirring frequently. After ten days filter the mixture. Massage the painful areas with this maceration three times a day) soothes pain back.


Capsaicin cream is the spicy ingredient in hot peppers – in the form of a cream it acts as an analgesic, relieving pain.


Infusion of lime peel – 50g lime peel boiled in a liter of water over low heat until a quarter of the water evaporates. Drink a little and often from this infusion, between meals, for 3 weeks.


Infusion of the dried root of the devil’s claw – 1.5 g of dried root in 300 ml of boiling water, cover the vessel and leave it to soak for 8 hours, then filter. Before each meal drink 100 ml of this infusion.


Poultry with cabbage – Boil water with four cabbage leaves, two finely chopped onions and four handfuls of oat bran. Filter and allow to cool, then spread the mixture on a piece of fabric. You can apply these natural remedies for back pain the compress on the painful area and keep it for 2 hours.


Clay Poultice – paste (from dry clay in the form of powder mixed with water) spread on a cabbage leaf (2 cm) and covered with another leaf is applied on the painful area for an hour.

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