The most effective types of massage for back pain

The most effective types of massage for back pain

Low back pain can be chronic or acute. Regardless of the type, but also the cause of the pain, massage is an effective remedy in relieving back pain. Here are the types of massage to try to quickly relieve low back pain!

Massage has been used for thousands of years for therapeutic purposes. Its purpose is not only to relieve back pain, but also to provide a state of well-being and relax the body in tense moments.



  1. The benefits of massage for back health
  2. Swedish massage
  3. Needle-free acupuncture
  4. Deep pressure, for rigid muscles
  5. Ice massage to reduce inflammation


The benefits of massage for back health

Massage therapy is increasingly accepted in the medical community as a real treatment for many types of back pain and / or as an adjunct to other medical treatments. Research shows that different types of massage therapy has many health benefits in back pain, including:

  • Increased blood flow and circulation, which leads to better nutrition of muscles and tissues. It helps to recover muscle pain from physical activity or soft tissue injuries (such as muscle strain).
  • Decreased muscle tension. This muscle relaxation can improve flexibility, reduce pain caused by contracted muscles and even improve sleep.
  • Elevated endorphin levels in the brain. This mood enhancer can lower depression and anxiety, which can help reduce pain and speed recovery – especially important for those with chronic back or neck pain.


Swedish massage

The best known and most practiced type of massage is the Swedish one. It includes various techniques for manipulating the skin, but without reaching the deep muscle tissues.

Therefore, the effect is more relaxing than therapeutic, the maneuvers being very pleasant. However, with the sensation of relaxation and muscle relaxation, the specific movements of Swedish massage (vibration, friction, rolling the skin, etc.) stimulate blood circulation.

Thus, any circulation problems in the extremities are alleviated and, in addition, headaches caused by poor brain irrigation are eliminated.


Needle-free acupuncture

Shiatsu massage is performed by applying pressure to certain key points on the body. The goal is to rebalance the vital energy of Qi in the body, and the therapeutic effects are extremely varied.

Thus, with the help of this technique, the tense muscles are relaxed, the elimination of toxins from the body is stimulated and, in addition, the mood is improved. Several studies have shown that shiatsu massage causes the release of high levels of endorphins, hormones called “natural analgesics” by specialists.

Therefore, this type of massage reduces the intensity of pain of any kind. you do not have to undress, the techniques involve pressure made with your fingers, the palm of your hand or your elbows.


Deep pressure, for rigid muscles

A type of massage similar in terms of techniques to the Swedish one is deep massage (deep tissue, in English). It is performed more slowly, but with more pressing and deeper movements, for the manipulation of deep muscle tissues.

It is less pleasant for people who prefer a relaxing massage, but is extremely effective in removing back pain caused by so-called muscle “knots.” This type of massage is used especially for people who do physical work and overloads the muscles, in the case of athletes, but also those with spinal deformities caused by vicious posture.

Exaggerated curves of the spine cause contractions of the muscles that support it, and deep massage relaxes the muscles. Specialists even say that these massage techniques have an important role and in posture correction.


Ice massage to reduce inflammation

If you make a wrong move, lift a heavy object, or simply sleep in an uncomfortable position, the affected muscles become inflamed and cause pain. In this situation, one of the most effective solutions is ice massage. Put a few ice cubes in a towel and apply or walk on the painful area.

The drop in temperature induced by the ice slows down the inflammatory process and alleviates the pain, by contracting the blood vessels that irrigate the place. But be careful! Do not resort to this type of massage if you suffer from rheumatism, because it can have the opposite effect, exacerbating joint pain.

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