What to do in case of a low back pain crisis?

What to do in case of a low back pain crisis?

There are situations where for various reasons, handled weights, standing a lot or on a chair, driving a lot or any other cause. The body can generate inflammation in the lumbar joints, which can lead to a severe back pain crisis.

We refer in particular to situations of great pain. This information is also applicable in case of milder sensations of pain.

The pain can be sudden, sharp and so intense that you can no longer move. It is all the more difficult when it appears when you are bent over.

The onset of such a situation is the direct signal announcing that it is a problem in the lumbar area.



  1. Ask for help
  2. Don’t try to make sudden movements!
  3. Control your breathing
  4. Apply creams with anti-inflammatory effect
  5. Go to a specialist


Ask for help

If you can, ask someone to give you a point of support. Don’t let the person pull you or try to move you, you just need support. You will be the one to initiate and control the following movements.

If you have no one next to you, use any object that can give you a support point, a chair, a table, a wall, furniture or even your knees. Put your hands on your knees and try to lean more on your arms so you can reduce the pressure in the lumbar area.

Transpose the weight on the support surface that you can use with your arms.


Don’t try to make sudden movements!

I know you will say that “I can’t even do them”, you will be surprised how strong the body’s reaction is. For each attempt to change the position you will feel a strong pain and there are many situations in which the person in question tried to overcome that blockage by fast movements. Remember muscle is much faster than you.

In that situation of back pain crisis, the muscle groups around the affected joint react based on the reflex. This means that you have no control over the degree of contraction and any attempt at rapid movement leads to a strong tension of some muscle groups, which does not bring any benefit.


Control your breathing

Try to inhale and exhale in a controlled way, more and more calmly, this whole process to be done in the limit of pain. Any exaggeration of inspiration can accentuate the pain, avoid this limitation. Give your body oxygen and you will notice that you will be able to reduce the intensity of the pain a little.


Apply creams with anti-inflammatory effect

As far as possible, it is recommended to lubricate the painful area with an anti-inflammatory cream or gel. The sooner the better.


Go to a specialist

In case of a back pain crisis that does not go away on its own, ask for a consultation with a specialist to receive a specific treatment.


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