Anti-inflammatory drugs for back pain

Anti-inflammatory drugs for back pain

Anti-inflammatory drugs for back pain can reduce both low back pain and back muscle spasms in some patients. Often, however, drug treatment is more effective if it is combined with alternative therapies such as physical therapy or ice packs.

The doctor is the one who can prescribe the drug treatment, depending on the conditions that underlie the back or lumbar pain.

Back pain can occur suddenly and last less than six weeks (acute) and can be caused by a fall or a heavy lift. Back pain that lasts more than 3 months (chronic) is less common than acute pain.

Back pain often develops without a specific cause that the doctor can identify with a test or x-ray.


  1. Acetaminophen
  2. Antidepressants
  3. Opioid analgesics
  4. Non-steroidal drugs
  5. Muscle relaxants
  6. Steroid injections
  7. Creams with anti-inflammatory or relaxing effect on the muscles
  8. Hondrogel



It can relieve moderate pain in the lower back. It can be taken without a prescription, but it is recommended to read the package leaflet and not to administer it for a long time. It is important to note that acetaminophen does not reduce the inflammatory process in the body, but only reduces pain.



Some antidepressant drugs also have effects in treating chronic pain, so they may be recommended by your doctor to relieve back pain.


Opioid analgesics

These drugs are extremely powerful and are used only if no other drug has had an effect in treating low back pain.


Non-steroidal drugs

Drugs from this class (ibuprofen, aspirin) have analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. They can be used to relieve low back pain. Non-steroidal drugs are anti-inflammatory.


Muscle relaxants

Muscle relaxants are helpful when muscle spasms associated with back pain occur. Unfortunately, however, they have side effects such as increased sleepiness.


Steroid injections

Some doctors recommend such injections in the treatment of low back pain, but studies in the field have not yet confirmed their effectiveness.


Creams with anti-inflammatory or relaxing effect on the muscles 

These creams are especially recommended in case of tension or muscle tension. Anti-inflammatory creams can be purchased and used without a doctor’s recommendation. Their effect is immediate, but unfortunately it is not lasting. In general, the pain returns after the effect of the cream disappears.



It is a gel sachet for treating bone and joint pain, and the quality of joint lubrication is one of the most important factors in cartilage health.

This treatment is able to compensate for the lack of substances necessary for the normal functioning of the joints. The gel has a 100% natural balanced composition and components that contribute to the base of the gel.

This treatment was subjected to clinical tests and according to the reports obtained from these tests, most participants claim that they got rid of swelling, pain and immobility.

Hondrogel cooling gel is a universal natural treatment for bone and joint pain. It is also recommended for patients suffering from osteoarthritis as well as those who only have pain in the bones and joints.

It is also recommended for the prevention of joint diseases with genetic predisposition.

List of active ingredients

  • Hyaluronic acid – has the role of hydrating the articular cartilage, offers mobility and eliminates joint hardness
  • Collagen – increases bone elasticity and strength
  • Methylsulfonylmethane – helps regenerate tissues, eliminates edema and muscle spasms by fighting pain
  • Clucosamine and chondroitin – are needed for connective tissue synthesis
  • Boswellia resin extract – has the role of relieving inflammation, pain and activating regenerative processes
  • Shark fat – relieves pain and improves joint tissue regeneration

Anti-inflammatory drugs for back pain can help you get rid of pain, but you should take them on the recommendation of a specialist.

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