Find out the easiest way to correct your back position

Find out the easiest way to correct your back position

In addition to the pain that the incorrect back position can triggers, you should know that the most serious problem is the damage to the spine that diminishes the quality of life.

If you keep your back arched during meals, at the office, when you read and even when you sleep, you most likely have this habit while walking and this not only causes you back pain every day, but also steals your height.

If you are among the employees who work only in an office, in front of a computer, then most likely you are hunched over frequently, sometimes and without realizing it. And this bad posture can lead to changes that can cause problems.

For example, the muscles in the upper back weaken because you use them less than you should (standing bent), and over time, signs of a hump may even appear – the spine bends and the shoulders pull toward the back. face of the torso. These changes can cause pain in the neck, middle and even arms and legs.



  1. How do we correct the back position?
  2. Other tips



How do we correct the back position?

The simplest and fastest way to correct your back posture is to use orthoses for your spine. These are external devices made of special materials that are applied to the back with the role of correcting where needed. The orthoses not only rest the affected segment but also support it and give it healing time.

Orthoses also help the body to prevent injuries or trauma to the spine, and for the correct choice of them it is important to take into account several aspects, such as the recommendation of a specialist, choosing an orthosis with adequate support for your problem and respect the duration. its ideal for effective healing.

Another way we can correct our back posture is to keep it straight throughout the day. And the sleeping position is important, sleep is very important for a general state of good health so try to sleep on one side with your knees bent and not on your stomach.

You can also use stretching and stretching, which are important for maintaining good back and neck health. Their flexibility helps maintain the health of the spine. Any movement time is important so in addition to stretching you can also practice aerobics. If you are overweight it is important to lose extra pounds, so it is important to be active.

Last but not least, get hydrated. Hydration is also important for maintaining the elasticity of soft tissues but also for maintaining the size of the intervertebral discs, because dehydration can cause them to change.


Other tips

To reinforce the positive effects of these exercises, you can also consider the following recommendations:

  • try to think more often about your posture and straighten every time you realize that you are sitting up
  • get up from the office a few times. during the work day and take a few steps around the area
  • when you go to the gym or exercise at home, make sure you also do leg, chest and back exercises (if you don’t exercise regularly you should start) .

The monitor should be placed at arm’s length in front of you, your forearms and arms should be at a 90-degree angle when you type, and your legs should be at a 90-degree angle when you sit in a chair.

Keep your shoulders back, your chest forward and your head as straight as possible.

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