Prevention of back pain

Prevention of back pain

There are many methods for prevention of back pain that will help you have a healthy body and full of vitality.

The way a back pain presents itself can vary from muscle type pain, to sensation or stabbing, it can radiate to the leg or to the shoulder blades. Its intensity can range from dull but persistent pain to a sharp pain that is difficult to bear at the base of the back.

There are many causes that can trigger low back pain, including twisting and stretching of muscles and ligaments, injuries to the vertebrae or vertebral discs, compression of a nerve or even fatigue. Repeated movements, especially in sports, put pressure on the lumbar region, which is why back pain can occur over time.



  1. Physical activity
  2. Weight loss
  3. Other tips for prevention of back pain


Physical activity for prevention of back pain

So what is the best type of back exercise? According to the study, all forms of physical activity have been shown to be effective in the problem of back pain:

  • cardio exercises;
  • riding the bike;
  • exercises to strengthen the back muscles.


However, we must keep in mind one thing, experts say: if we experience back pain, we must reduce the effort made during training.

The safest way to get our blood circulation moving and train our muscles is to walk. Since we gain the necessary endurance and strength, we can move on to more complex exercises with increased difficulty among the movements of the spine, such as aerobic gymnastics movements, add the specialists.


Weight loss

Losing weight is for many an extremely effective way to get rid of back pain. The extra pounds put pressure on the spine which explains why overweight or obese people are confused with pain at this level.
Regular physical activity can help those who experience back pain. Before starting a sport, it is good to consult a doctor to rule out a possible condition in the spine that could contraindicate physical activity. For those who do not have a contraindication, sports will tone the muscles, which helps support the spine and thus relieve pain at this level.


Other tips for prevention of back pain

In addition to exercise, here are other ways you can relieve lower back pain. The tips below refer to relieving pressure, reducing tension, protecting the spine and strengthening muscles. Changing a few daily habits can help you maintain a healthy, painless back for a long time.


  1. Sleep with a pillow under your knees. Sleeping on your back puts pressure on your spine. Raising your legs relieves this pressure on your back while you sleep. You can reduce this pressure by half by placing a pillow under your knees.
  2. Work your abdomen. The many health benefits of exercise are known. A regular strength training routine that focuses on the core muscles can help you reduce your risk of back injuries, such as muscle spasms. Try to include back and abdomen strengthening exercises in your workout at least twice a week to develop a stronger and more flexible back.
  3. Increase your intake of calcium and vitamin D. Strong bones can help prevent osteoporosis. It is one of the most common causes of back pain later in life, especially for women. Keep your spine strong by consuming plenty of calcium and vitamin D.
  4. Change your shoes. Wear comfortable, low-heeled shoes to prevent back pain. They reduce the tension on your back while standing. Shoes with a heel smaller than 2 cm are the best for your back.
  5. Straighten your back. An incorrect posture puts tension and stress on your back and can change the architecture of your spine. Avoid rounding your shoulders or bending your side when standing.
  6. Don’t sit at your desk. When sitting on an office chair, use the same good posture techniques that you use when standing. It is essential to maintain a good posture and support your back when sitting down, especially if you do it for several hours a day. Choose a quality chair that offers firm support for your back.
  7. Alternate sitting on the chair with standing


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